BPUR International is an NGO registered in the UK on 26 Feb 2019 under the number 11848450, to lead a global campaign to introduce and promote an ‘International Treaty to Ban the Political Use of Religion’.

This global initiative was launched after overwhelming support for an article, published in The Independent on 31 January 2019, highlighting why the world is in desperate need of such a treaty.

Unlike numerous confrontational attempts over the centuries, this initiative will only focus on eliminating the root causes of the most dangerous conflicts in the world.

Instead of labouring on tens of chronic frontiers, it will work to introduce a clear framework to ban all political uses of religion that undermine equal citizenship and eliminate any religious discriminations in rights and duties.

The proposed treaty will also classify religious exclusion in any political party as a violation, as well as any restriction to freedom of belief and worship.

Such simple terms can apply to hundreds of violations and bypass any clashes with deeply engraved religious teachings.

We believe that this approach will achieve much more than clashing extreme with extreme.

No responsible government can refuse such fundamental fair rules. Even perpetrators would lose any argument!

It should easily secure international consensus and governmental signatories in line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and become a fundamental United Nation treaty.

BPUR International will go on to establish a Global Monitor to expose all abuses of religion that violate equal rights for all.

This service will strive to provide real-time, constantly updated and verified data that will help empower governments, organisations and individuals to put diplomatic and political pressure on those who commit unacceptable abuses.