BPUR International is an NGO, registered in the UK on 26 Feb 2019 under the number 11848450 to lead a global campaign for the promotion and dissemination of an ‘International Treaty to Ban the Political Use of Religion’.

The initiative was launched after overwhelming support for an article, published in The Independent on 31 January 2019, highlighting why the world is in desperate need of such a treaty.

It will work toward securing international signatories for a clear framewok.

BPUR International is also planning to establish a monitoring service that can provide governments, media organisations and other interested parties with credible, trustworthy statistics and facts about all abuses of religion that violate the principle of equal citizenship for all people.rk to ban all political uses of religion that can fuel intolerance and undermine justice values and human rights.

This service will strive to provide real-time, constantly updated and verified data that will help empower governments, organisations and individuals to put diplomatic and political pressure on those who commit unacceptable abuses.