Our team

Salam Sarhan Founder and Director London UK

Writer and journalist with three books and over one thousand articles on a wide range of subjects in Arabic and English. Worked as senior editor, TV presenter, producer and commentator for numerous leading media establishments, including BBC, Alarabiya, Sky Arabia, Alarab daily and The Arab Weekly. Highly involved in many political and humanitarian campaigns

Dr Emily Amal Porter Advisor

Art historian, artist and novelist in English and Arabic. University lecturer and regular contributor to various international conferences and forums in the UK, Austria, Spain, Mexico, Sweden, Iraq. Exhibited her art in Baghdad, London, Newcastle, Lebanon, Sweden and Austria. Awarded the Millennium Award and Fellowship. Leading figure in cultural, justice and women’s rights. Chair of Multi Cultural Integration Centre. Consultant for North Tyneside College on cultural issues. Running the regular cultural events ‘Remembering Al Mutanabbi’, a street that was blown up by Daash. Founder of ‘Save World Cultural Heritage’ an initiative to ban the trade in artifacts from ancient archaeological sites in Iraq.

Dr. Salem Humaid Advisor

Founder and Chairman of Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre in Dubai since 2012. Has worked at the government of Dubai in the cultural field for many years, leading research and setting strategic plans to develop the cultural sector in the United Arab Emirates.  Contributed to writing the curriculum of National and Social subjects at the Ministry of Education in the UAE.  Well published writer and researcher in a wide range of topics, including humanities, culture, politics, anthropology and Political Islam.  Author of many books and studies in Arabic and English, alongside regular contributions as a columnist in the press.

Dr Steven O’Brien Advisor

Academic, journalist and author. He has various public roles, including Secretary General of the G20 Foundation, Editor of The London Magazine, Peace Ambassador for Iraq, Patron of the Arts in the Vatican and Chief Political Advisor to the Centre for Issues and Crisis Management. He also advises the Vatican’s Institute of Human Dignity. For some years he has been active in the discourses of reconciliation and tolerance.

May Rihani Advisor

An internationally recognized pioneer in girl’s education and a tireless advocate of women’s rights. As the Director of the Gibran Chair for Values and Peace at the University of Maryland, she designs academic programs centred on promoting peace and on breaking barriers to peace. Rihani served as co-chair of the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) from 2008 to 2010.

Roger Allen Advisor

Emeritus Professor of Arabic and chair of the department of Near Eastern languages and civilizations, University of Pennsylvania. In 1968 he obtained the first ever doctorate in modern Arabic literature from Oxford University. He was named the Sascha Jane Patterson Harvie Professor of Social Thought and Comparative Ethics, School of Arts & Sciences, University of Pennsylvania. Author of numerous articles and translations, in addition to a major study on the Arabic novel and an anthology of critical writings.

Ghaith al-Tamimi Advisor

Founder & director of the Iraqi Centre for Diversity Management. Writer, Researcher, TV commentator, and leading figure on social media on modernising Islamic teaching in contemporary vision. Member of Leicester Secular Society. Scholar in Al Hawza in the city of Najaf, Iraq and highly specialised in Islamic studies. Has done many researches related to Human Rights, freedom of speech and modernising Islam. He is a leading figure in numerous political, justice and humanitarian campaigns.

Nineb Lamassu Advisor

Academic in Cambridge University, resides between Cambridge and Erbil – Iraq. Specialises in the documentation of the endangered Assyrian language and Iraqi Cultural Heritage. Founder of Assyrian Research Archive. Founder of Enheduanna Publishing, Sarqaya Publishing and Assyrian Language & Culture Trust. Deeply involved in cultural, justice and humanitarian work.

Hassan Abdulrazzak Advisor

Award winner play writer in English. His plays were performed since 2007 in many main theatres in London, Washington and San Francisco among many others. Translated many plays and books to English and contributed to many more. Recipient of George Devine, Meyer-Whitworth, Pearson and Bay Area theatre awards as well as the Arab British Centre Award for Culture.