Our team

Salam Sarhan Founder and Director

Writer and journalist with three books and over one thousand articles on a wide range of subjects in Arabic and English. Worked as senior editor, TV presenter, producer and commentator for numerous leading media establishments, including BBC, Alarabiya, Sky Arabia, Alarab daily and The Arab Weekly. Highly involved in many political and humanitarian campaigns

Karen Parker Advisor

Prominent attorney specializing in human rights and humanitarian law. Leading contributor to the evolution of international legal norms for decades. She regularly testifies at the UN Human Rights Council. Top UN mediator and expert witness in many international conflicts including Iraq, Afghanistan and Central America. Chief delegate of International Educational Development.

Mohamed Dekkak Advisor

Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, which works in oil and gas, desalination, real estate, consulting, construction and marine. Has launched many cultural initiatives. He spearheaded the completion of numerous international projects successfully. As a liberal paradiplomatic, philanthropist, and advocate, he supports health and education projects by heading various organizations.

Alfred-Maurice de Zayas Advisor

Writer, historian and prominent lawyer in international law and human rights. Former high-ranking United Nations official and independent expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order. Speaker and lecturer on the jurisprudence of the UN Human Rights Committee and freedom of opinion and expression.

Ria Persad Advisor

Renowned classical musician and mathematician. She was a child Prodigy. Prominent public speaker and mentor for technology companies. Founder and CEO of StatWeather, providing weather prediction systems and solutions. She is fashion model, Ms. America 2017 and Mrs. Grand Universe in a pageant organized by Mrs. Universe in Philippines 2018.

Hanan Sharfelddin Advisor

Chief Executive of the International Organization for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (EAFORD). Academic and researcher with Doctorate in organizational leadership management, University of Phoenix. Specialised researcher in examining performance variables of NGOs and religious orientation and Racism.

Dirk Adriaensens Advisor

Member of the Executive Committee of the BRussells Tribunal. Coordinator of SOS Iraq and former member of the International Organising Committee of the World Tribunal on Iraq.  Renowned author and co-author of many books and studies in international affairs and violations of international law. Peace activist, criminologist and regular contributor in the media and prominent speaker in international conferences.

Dr Emily Amal Porter Advisor

Art historian, artist and novelist in English and Arabic. University lecturer and regular contributor to various international conferences and forums in the UK, Austria, Spain, Mexico, Sweden, Iraq. Exhibited her art in Baghdad, London, Newcastle, Lebanon, Sweden and Austria. Awarded the Millennium Award and Fellowship. Leading figure in cultural, justice and women’s rights. Chair of Multi Cultural Integration Centre. Consultant for North Tyneside College on cultural issues. Running the regular cultural events ‘Remembering Al Mutanabbi’, a street that was blown up by Daash. Founder of ‘Save World Cultural Heritage’ an initiative to ban the trade in artifacts from ancient archaeological sites in Iraq.

Anissa Naqrachi Advisor

President of Amal Network and Nour Foundation for solidarity with rural Women. Academic, leading activist and international expert in collaborating with ISESCO and Islamic Development Bank in Morocco. Leading member of the Council of Human Rights in morocco, responsible for the international relations.

Obiora Francis Ike Advisor

Executive director of Globethics.net Geneva. Professor of ethics and intercultural studies, Enugu University, Nigeria and visiting lecturer at Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt. Catholic priest, writer, publisher and author of numerous books and articles. Member of World Academy of Arts and Science and the European Academy. Founder of the First Ethics Institute in Nigeria and co-founder of the largest micro finance bank in southeast Nigeria.

Nadia Al Turki Advisor

Journalist, poet, academic and writer in Arabic, French and English. Founder and president of the International Academy of Media and Diplomacy (IAMD). Founder and Executive editor-in-chief of www.7Dnews.com. TV commentator and regular speaker in international forums and conferences on political and social issues. Leading activist for peace, tolerance and human rights in the Middle East.

Selwa Kazwini Advisor

Journalist, broadcaster, entrepreneur, activist and campaigner for social justice. She was an anchor for major TV stations like BBC and Aljazeera until setting up her PR company, SK PR & Events.