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BPUR International has made remarkable progress in the last few weeks and we are delighted to be on a solid track to to set a global foundation to disarm extremism and eliminate the abusive mixing of religion and politics.

We are organising a global conference in Rabat on 11-12 May 2022, in partnership with seven NGOs and the National Human Rights Council in Morocco.

More than one hundred lawmakers, religious dignitaries and civil society leaders will meet in person to coordinate the global efforts to enact this significant treaty, with strong anticipation of major endorsements and a historic declaration to issued by all participants.

Our mission has now advanced engagements in more than 60 countries, with large groups of lawmakers have already asked their governments to adopt the initiative on the international stage, especially in Morocco, Bangladesh, Austria, Italy, Pakistan and most recently the United Kingdom, where 27 cross-party parliamentarians, led by Lord Rowan Williams and Mary Kelly Foy, have asked the prime minister to adopt the initiative and issued the press release in this link.

BPUR International has also a rapidly growing support in the European Parliament and international organisations.