The Story of BPUR International

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Our mission on the agenda of the Council of Europe

Global Foundation

New approach, grounded in the utmost respect for all religions, to build global consensus on disarming extremism and eliminating the abusive mixing of religion and politics.

International Rules

Our global mission is now formally on the international agenda with a motion for a resolution in the Council of Europe and advanced engagements with more than 20 governments.

indisputable approach

Introducing clear, simple and indisputable international rules to ban all political uses of religion that undermine human equality and discriminate in rights and duties on religious bases.

Lord Rowan Williams on BPUR International

Martin Engelberg in our conference in Morocco

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BPUR International in the World Forum for Culture of Just Peace

The proposed treaty will ban:
All religious violations to human equality,
All religious discrimination in rights,
All religious discrimination in duties,
All religious exclusion,
All restrictions to freedom of belief and worship.

This is not an attempt to separate separate religion and politics. On the contrary, it considers such a separation as irrelevant and could damage the stability of any country.