Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

Paul Salahuddin Armstrong’s career is a rich tapestry of experience that spans from media and diplomacy to human rights and policy, underscoring his adaptability and engagement with diverse issues. A distinguished alumnus of the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), and an Associate of St George’s House, Armstrong’s commitment to diplomacy is further affirmed by the … Read more

Andre Gasiorowski

Andre Gasiorowski is a global peace activist, medical doctor, executive manager, businessman, philanthropist, transformational leader, TV and film producer and musician. He is the Co-Founder, CEO, President of Helping Hand Global Forum, and CEO of Network Intelligence Group, involved in various regional and macro-economic business activities in energy, transportation, and advanced technologies. Dr Gasiorowski deals … Read more

Naseer Shamma

Naseer Shamma One of the most renowned musicians in the world. Ambassador of Nonviolence International, Red Cross, Red Crescent and UNESCO Peace Artist. He organised many nonviolence workshops in preparation for the first Nonviolence Conference in Iraq. Naseer Shamma is a leading campaigner to include nonviolence principles in the Iraqi education curriculum. He led and … Read more

Abdalla Yassin OBE

Dr Abdalla Yassin OBE is a prominent academic and scholar in Islamic jurisprudence, Islamic history, and Islamic theology with a doctorate in Psychology from Liverpool University. He is the founder of Onyx Link Foundation, a non-profit organisation based in Newport, South Wales, to work with schools and local authorities to challenge hate speech when it goes … Read more

Mahjabeen Khaled

Mahjabeen Khaled is a prominent Bangladeshi politician, former member of the Bangladesh Parliament (2014-2018) and a member of the Parliamentary Committee for foreign affairs. Member of parliamentarians for Global Action, Nuclear Non-Proliferation and disarmament and a member of the caucus for migration and development. She is the Chairperson of Khaled Mosharraf Trust and global activist in many … Read more

Martha Bissmann

Martha Bissmann

Martha Bissmann is a prominent Austrian politician, former member of Parliament, Board member of Global Council for Tolerance and Peace and a prominent global voice for social justice. She is a leading candidate of the party Social-Ecological Austria of the Future (SÖZ) for Vienna city council and municipal parliament elections 2020. Martha Bissmann is an … Read more

Gerardo Giovagnoli

Gerardo Giovagnoli

Gerardo Giovagnoli is a prominent politician, member of parliament and Secretary of the Socialist and Democratic Party (PSD) in San Marino. Hi is a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and former Vice President of the Assembly. Gerardo Giovagnoli is an electronic Engineer, leading advocate of renewable energies and inventor of … Read more

Paul Infante Moñozca

Paul Infante Moñozca chairs the Moñozca Family Office and the board of trustees of the award winning Moñozca Foundation . He was responsible for developing the Family Office and foundation with its roots in the central Philippines to a leading global philanthropic organisation since 2003 now based in Monaco, France. He has been credited as the architect of … Read more

Mirza Dinnayi

Mirza Dinnayi is a leading Yezidi Human Rights Activist, a laureate of Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity 2019, the Golden Stauffer-Medaille 2016, the highest Award for extraordinary engagements, granted by the Prime Minister of State Baden-Württemberg, Germany and Recipient of Special Mention of the Human Rights Prize of French Republic. He is the founder of the … Read more

Giovanna Mingarelli

Giovanna Mingarelli is a prominent technology entrepreneur, global speaker and thought leader in digital communications, crowdsourcing and empowering youth and women. She is the Chair of the Board of Global Dignity Foundation and co-founder and CEO of two international companies, M&C Consulting and MC2 Inc. Giovanna Mingarelli is advisor to the Canadian Government and contributor to … Read more

Hayat Bouffarrachen

Hayat Bouffarrachen

Prominent Moroccan politician, former vice president of house of representatives, former member of the governing council of inter-parliamentary union (IPU) and member of IPU Gender team. President of the Moroccan Organisation for Family Equity and former chair of the Reproductive Sectors Commission in the Moroccan house of representatives.