Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

BPUR Ambassador

Paul Salahuddin Armstrong’s career is a rich tapestry of experience that spans from media and diplomacy to human rights and policy, underscoring his adaptability and engagement with diverse issues. A distinguished alumnus of the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), and an Associate of St George’s House, Armstrong’s commitment to diplomacy is further affirmed by the founding of the Centre for International and Strategic Affairs.

His affiliations with organisations such as the Association of British Muslims, Nahdlatul Ulama, and the International Quran Research Association highlight his deep involvement with religious, academic, and social aspects of society. Armstrong’s crucial contributions to human rights and policy-making, as well as his efforts in countering extremism, exemplify his dedication to societal improvement.

In addition, Armstrong serves as a Muslim Chaplain at the University of Birmingham, offering spiritual guidance and support, embodying his commitment to multi-faith harmony. His work with interfaith initiatives and outreach activities cements his place as a vital figure in community development and social cohesion.

Paul Salahuddin Armstrong’s story is one of relentless commitment to unity and mutual respect. His life and work continue to inspire individuals within the British Muslim community, the wider society, and around the globe.