Joel Hunter

Dr. Joel Hunter is a prominent community leader, pastor and bridge-builder, who seeks common ground for the common good. He is the Faith-Based President of PARABLE FOUNDATION, partnering with organisations to incubate, advance, and accelerate social change initiatives focused on empathy and education. Neither partisan or politically oriented, Dr. Hunter, due to his ministry involvement in … Read more

Joseph Yossi Somer

Joseph Yossi Somer 

Joseph Yossi Somer is an award-winning filmmaker, artist, entrepreneur, independent peace and social activist since his teens, an influencer seeking new peaceful ways of connecting between different cultures locally and globally. He is a prominent speaker in conferences and interfaith dialogue, highlighting his visionary concept of the Middle East Business Union, a platform for multinational … Read more

Jamaleddine Elhani

Dr. Jamal Eddine Elhani is a prominent writer, translator, academic and Dean of the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences at Mohammed V University in Rabat with two doctorates from Vincennes University Paris 8 and Michel de Montaigne University Bordeaux 3. Dr. Jamal Eddine El Hani is an expert at the National Center for Scientific … Read more

Mujahed Abo Alhail

Mujahed Abo Alhail is a prominent writer, poet, and academic. He is currently the head of the Executive Office of the Council of Arab Information Ministers at The Arab League of  States. He is also the president and founder of the Iraqi Nakheel Cultural Organization ( He is also a member of the Board of … Read more

Lincoln Bloomfield

Ambassador Lincoln Bloomfield Jr served as a U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Political Military Affairs and Special Representative of the President and Secretary of State for Humanitarian Mine Action, and later Presidential Envoy for Portable Air Defence Systems Threat Reduction, with the rank of Ambassador. During his service in five previous U.S. administrations, he … Read more

David Müller

David Müller is a leading activist in German politics and the public sphere on behalf of the OJCOS-foundation  as a “Political Advocate for Religious Freedom in Iraq”. He is dedicated to building networks for various actors from politics, religious communities and civil society in Iraq in order to support peaceful coexistence and protect the rights … Read more

Belinder Odek

Belinder Odek is a leading African activist for civil liberty, human rights, the rule of law, social justice, political inclusivity, less intrusive governments  and transparency. She is the founder and CEO of BridgeAfrica Advocacy Foundation, an NGO seeking to promote a solution-oriented political landscape in Africa to address contemporary political, economic and social issues. Her … Read more

Saad Salloum

Saad Salloum is a leading activist on the local and international stage for interfaith dialogue, civil liberties and freedom of belief. He chairs the MASARAT Foundation for Cultural and Media Development, an institution focused on diversity and interfaith dialogue. Co-founder of the Iraqi Council for Interfaith Dialogue 2013, the National Center for Countering Hate Speeches 2018, the … Read more

Robin C. Houck

Robin Houck is a leading activist and noninvasive cardiologist, dedicated to improving the human condition as a whole, whether through science, art, literature, or being active in local, national, and international volunteer work. He has medical and public health degrees (MD MPH FACC) from Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston and dedicated to helping … Read more

Sayed Rahim Abu Raghef

His Eminence Sayed Rahim Abu Raghef is a leading religious figure, renowned for modernising religious thinking and a prominent writer in the field of philosophy and re-reading history. He published a number of books, most notably; Problematics of philosophical discourse, Philosophical Trends – a reading in the discourses of philosophy, and a philosophical encyclopaedia of … Read more

Haider Elias

Haider Elias is a leading global activist for human rights, co-founder and President of Yazda, the leading Yazidi organization that spearheads the advocacy campaign to protect minorities in Iraq and Syria. He is also a co-founder and a leading campaigner for Nadia Murad`s Initiative and a result of their work together, Nadia Murad won the … Read more

David Moscato

David Moscato is founder and managing partner of Quarantia Capital Advisory which is a niche consulting boutique focused on venture capital and alternative investments (mainly hospitality and digital assets). He is a Capital Markets specialist with more than 20 years experience and was board member of more than 60 companies, funds and a couple of non-profit organisations … Read more

Edwin Shuker

Edwin Shuker is a prominent Iraqi-British businessman, philanthropist and Vice President of the Board of deputies of British Jews, where he chairs the Communities and Education Division. He is a former Vice President of the European Jewish Congress and is a trustee of several charitable and communal organisations, including Mitzvah Day, Sephardi Voices and TUFF (The Unity of Faith Foundation). Born in … Read more

Aart Bos

Aart Bos is CEO of the global leadership organisation ‘MasterPeace’ which has a global network of local leaders working together to Build bridges between people and organisations based on the drive to contribute. He is a leading global activist for justice, human rights, sustainability and improving life conditions worldwide. Aart Bos has a wealth of extensive … Read more

Selwa Kazwini

Selwa Kazwini is a prominent journalist, broadcaster, entrepreneur, activist and campaigner for social justice. She was an anchor for major TV stations like BBC and Aljazeera. Selwa is co-founder of The Grand Library, the first Arabic-English E-book publishing, translation and sales platform. She is also the founder and director of the PR company, SK PR … Read more