Advisory Council

Saad Salloum


Saad Salloum is a leading activist on the local and international stage for interfaith dialogue, civil liberties and freedom of belief.

He chairs the MASARAT Foundation for Cultural and Media Development, an institution focused on diversity and interfaith dialogue. Co-founder of the Iraqi Council for Interfaith Dialogue 2013, the National Center for Countering Hate Speeches 2018, the Institute for Religious Diversity Studies in Baghdad 2019, and the Institute for Diversity Journalism in Iraq 2020.

Dr Salloum is a prominent academic of Political Science at Al-Mustansiriya University and and renowned author of 16 books on social diversity, including Minorities in Iraq 2013; Christians in Iraq 2014; Unity in Diversity 2015; Yazidis in Iraq 2016; Protection of Religious, Ethnic, and Linguistic Minorities in Iraq 2017; Iraqi Media and Religious Diversity Issues 2018; The End of Diversity in Iraq 2019 and Returning to Sinjar 2020.

He was awarded the Stefanus Alliance International Award, Oslo 2018 for his role in defending issues of freedom of religion and belief in Iraq and the Middle East, the Chaldean Patriarchate award for his book (Christians in Iraq: Comprehensive History and Current Challenges), and the Kamel Shia’a Award for Enlightenment Culture for his entire intellectual work and activities in spreading the culture of diversity in Iraq.