Advisory Council

Sayed Rahim Abu Raghef

BPUR Ambassador

His Eminence Sayed Rahim Abu Raghef is a leading religious figure, renowned for modernising religious thinking and a prominent writer in the field of philosophy and re-reading history.

He published a number of books, most notably; Problematics of philosophical discourse, Philosophical Trends – a reading in the discourses of philosophy, and a philosophical encyclopaedia of 3 parts under the title; The Comprehensive Philosophical Guide, in addition to a book under publication entitled, Homelands and Religions – Approaches to the Controversy of Religion and the State.

In 2003, he established the Forum for Moderation for Culture and Thought. He enjoys wide following through his extensive presence in the media, active participation in conferences and civil society activities to spread the values ​​of tolerance, humanise religious discourse, establish a culture of acceptance of the other, and to refute the discourse of political Islamist groups.

Sayed Rahim Abu Raghef is one of the most prominent advocates of the idea that religion has its field in the private sphere and may touch the public sphere, but that does not make it a substitute for the state. He affirms that the Qur’an and Sunnah are free from the concept of the state and party system. He also emphasises that the state is a product of the human mind and human experience, and the best forms of its management is the liberal approach.