Mariwan Naqshbandi joins our Advisory Council

BPUR International is delighted to welcome Mariwan Naqshbandi to our Advisory Council and we are looking forward to his leading contributions to promote our initiative and boost our momentum worldwide.

Mariwan Naqshbandi is a journalist, writer and senior official in the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs in the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq.

He is a prominent activist in the protection of religious freedoms and social peace, and an active member of a number of institutions concerned with the protection of peace and human rights, such as Religions for Peace.

Mariwan Naqshbandi is author of numerous research papers and thousands of articles and reports published in newspapers and magazines over 30 years on confronting the ideology of extremism and encouraging peaceful coexistence between religious and national minorities.

He participated in drafting most of the laws and resolutions related to religious reform and the rights of minorities in the Ministry of Endowments and participated in dozens of local and international conferences and meetings related to the protection of peace and religious coexistence in 28 countries.

Mariwan Naqshbandi received the “Spiritual Solidarity Award” of Adyan Foundation in 2019, and dozens of awards and praises from governments, legislative and non-governmental institutions, and religious institutions, in appreciation of his efforts in creating dialogue between religions, preparing laws and implementing reform in society.