Touhami Abdouli joins our Advisory Council

BPUR International is delighted to welcome Touhami Abdouli to our Advisory Council and we are looking forward to his leading contributions to boost our momentum and to make the world more tolerant, more fair and more peaceful.

Touhami Abdouli is former Tunisian Secretary of State for European Affairs 2011-2013 and for Arab and African Affairs 2015-2016 and former member of the parliament in 2014.

He served as Special Envoy of the President of Tunisia and Head of the Government to several African and European states, including Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Russia, Ivory Coast, Sudan and Burkina Faso.

Touhami Abdouli is also a prominent academic with PhD in Civilisation and currently the General Director of Albabtain Cultural Foundation