6 new members including 4 Legislative Sponsors

We are delighted to welcome 4 new prominent legislators to our growing list of Legislative Sponsors, a new member to our Advisory Council and a new member to our management team.

The new legislative sponsors are Mahjabeen Khaled for Bangladesh, Saleem Mandviwalla for Pakistan, Soledad Buendía for Ecuador and Marc Tarabella for the European Parliament. We now have 18 legislative sponsors around the world as well as a long list of legislative supporters, while more and more are joining us every week.

We are also delighted to welcome Giacomo Giannarelli to our Advisory Council and Audrey Ferdinand to our management team as assistant manager.

Mahjabeen Khaled is a prominent Bangladeshi politician, Member of Parliamentarians for Global Action and she has built considerable support for our initiative within a few days of joining us.

Saleem Mandviwalla is Deputy Chairman of the Pakistani Senate, former minister of state in the Ministry of Finance and Member of Management Committee of Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industries.

Soledad Buendía is a leading member of the Ecuadorian Parliament and a prominent member of Parliamentarians for Global Action and a former consultant for the United Nations Development Fund for Women.

Marc Tarabella Is a prominent Belgian politician and leading member of the European Parliament. He is a member of Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, member of Committee on Development, Vice chair of the Delegation for relations with the Arab Peninsula and Vice chair of the Sport Group of the European Parliament.

Giacomo Giannarelli is a leading Italian politician, entrepreneur and founder of Toscana Innova to help establishments to introduce innovations for the ecological transition towards green economy

Audrey Ferdinand is a French jurist with considerable experience and participating in several sessions of the Human Rights Council and of UN Committees.

The new distinguished members will certainly boost our momentum and efforts to make the world more fair and more peaceful.