Justin Majawa joins our Legislative Sponsors

BPUR International is delighted to welcome Justin Majawa to our Legislative Sponsors and we are looking forward to her leading contributions to promote our initiative and boost our momentum in Malawi and worldwide.

Justin Majawa is a leading politician and former member of Parliament of Malawi, where he was instrumental in setting up the Children Commission and the formulation of Marriage and relations bill, HIV and AIDS Management Bill, and the Anatomy Act, which protects people living with Albinism from violence.

He is a philanthropist and founder of Save Orphans Ministries (SOM), a non-profit that protects orphans and their caregivers, which has supported more than 4,000 orphans and vulnerable people.

Justin Majawa is also a businessman running Kabudira Enterprises in Malawi and has studied Organisational leadership for masters and now his doctoral levels at Cornerstone University in Michigan, USA.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Theology and a Masters of Divinity from Western Theological Seminary in Michigan, where he lived for 15 years.