Edwin Shuker joins our Advisory Council

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BPUR International is delighted to welcome Edwin Shuker to our Advisory Council and we are looking forward to his leading contributions to promote our initiative and boost our momentum worldwide.

Edwin Shuker is a prominent Iraqi-British businessman, philanthropist and Vice President of the Board of deputies of British Jews, where he chairs the Communities and Education Division.

He is a former Vice President of the European Jewish Congress and is a trustee of several charitable and communal organisations, including Mitzvah DaySephardi Voices and TUFF (The Unity of Faith Foundation).

Born in Baghdad to an ancient Jewish community, he arrived in the United Kingdom with his family in 1971 and were granted asylum as refugees.

Edwin Shuker strives to maintain links with Iraq and Arab countries to preserve Jewish landmarks and shrines. He is an international activist and public speaker on the Middle East and is the protagonist in the well-received documentary, Remember Baghdad.