HRH Chief Nana Dakrabo I joins our Advisory Council

BPUR International is delighted to welcome HRH Chief Nana Kweku Dakrabo I, to our Advisory Council and we are looking forward to his leading contributions to promote our initiative and boost our momentum worldwide.ٍ

The achievements, awards and remarkable records of Michael B. Pratt as a serial entrepreneur earned him an African Royalty status as Mpuntuhen (Development Chief) of Akonoma, Ghana with the title; HRH Chief Nana Kweku Dakrabo I.

Chief Nana owns several companies including a real estate development firm, a media production company, 2 security companies, and a business development company. He also holds several board seats and currently pursuing his UN Ambassadorship.

As a Traditional Ruler in Ghana, Chief Nana is passionate about entrepreneurial and humanitarian efforts to improve healthcare, building schools, develop a Smart City, create jobs, develop a tech & investment ecosystem, develop an entertainment ecosystem, and tackle social issues in food security, housing, and access to clean water throughout Africa.

Throughout his engagements with presidents, royalties, government officials and his work on multi-billion-dollar development projects as well as his humanitarian programs, Chief Nana has been successful in creating and executing strategies that enabled companies, organisations and governments to solve problems and generate growth.