Hisham Alnajar our new Ambassador & Regional Representative

BPUR International is proud to welcome Hisham Alnajar as a new ambassador and Regional Representative, and we are looking forward to his leading contributions to promote our initiative and boost our momentum worldwide.

Hisham Alnajar is a writer and journalist specialising in countering terrorism and extremism. He is a regular assayist in many leading media establishments, including Al-Ahram daily and the London-based Al-Arab daily.

He was honored by the National Defense College and the prestigious Nasser Higher Military Academy in Egypt, and he was awarded the title of Distinguished National Leader in May 2023.

Hisham Alnajar has published several books, including: “ISIS is the Knife that Slaughters Islam”, “Syria’s Great Transformations”, “Reconciliation between Islam and Art,” “How to Dialogue with an Extremist and Protect Your Children from Extremism” And “The Hell of Domestic Terrorism,” in addition to a collection of short stories entitled “The Garage” and a novel titled “Look at Us Dancing”.

He also published many studies and research in think tanks and specialised periodicals in Egypt and other Arab countries.