Welcoming Jamal Fakhro to our Legislative Sponsors

BPUR International is delighted to welcome Jamal Fakhro, the prominent member of the upper house of parliament in Bahrain to our Legislative Sponsors.

We are looking forward for his leading role to explore the endorsement of the ‘International Treaty to Ban the Political Use of Religion’ by the Bahraini government.

Mr Fakhro is prominent member of the Shura Council since 1993 and has served as the first vice president for several legislative chapters.

He contributed to the preparation of the National Action Charter and was a member of the committee in charge of activating the Charter.

Mr Fakhro is a Prominent international financial advisor and Managing Partner for ,KPMG in Bahrain and member of the KPMG Global Board. 

He is also Founding Board Member of the ,Pearl Initiative in cooperation with the United Nation to promote transparency and accountability in the Middle East.