Morocco takes the lead

The Moroccan prime minister Saadeddine Othmani has expressed his support for our proposed treaty and referred it to the Foreign Ministry to explore the way forward after welcoming a delegation of our legislative supporters and leaders of the civil organisations on Monday 9 August 2021.

Prime Minister Saadeddine Othmani welcoming our delegation in his office on 9 August 2021.

The delegation submitted to Mr Othmani a letter, signed by 43 members of parliament from all major political parties and another letter signed by 43 non- governmental organisations, appealing to his government to adopt our proposed treaty on the international stage.

BPUR International believes that Morocco is an ideal and exemplary country to lead the initiative because of its unique tradition of promoting religious tolerance and peace throughout history.

The meeting with Mr Othmani and the highly anticipated meeting with foreign minister Nasser Bourita are significant steps in our global campaign to enact a historical United Nations treaty.

The Legislators’ letter to the Prime Minister Saadeddine Othmani

The NGOs’ letter to the Prime Minister Saadeddine Othmani