The Official Maharlika Association supports BPUR

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BPUR International is delighted to welcome The Official Maharlika Association to our institutional supporters and we are looking forward to their leading contributions to promote our initiative and boost our momentum worldwide.

The Official Maharlika Association (OMA) is comprised of eight key organisations which advocate the rebirth and continued preservation of the ancient Maharlika Empire.

As a peaceful identity movement of this lost and eradicated race , the OMA also serves to unite the people to advocate for truth and the unity of humanity as a whole as we enter the 21st century and beyond.

The OMA is the key recipient of the humanitarian program of the Formula Green Corporation and its philanthropic arm, the Formula Green Foundation.

It is a non-political organisation and does NOT support any form of armed conflict or any form of disharmony amongst races.

The OMA also centers around the advocacy of a Resource Based Economy (RBE) in this age of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to ensure the survival of our identity, race and humanity.