Sebastian Contin Trillo-Figueroa

Sebastian Contin is a Spanish lawyer and lecturer, specialised in European law and institutions. He began his career working in the legal banking services then in the Private Law Department of the Council of Europe and as an Associate Lawyer in the Cuatrecasas Litigation Department.

During his 13 years as a politician, he was elected as a member of local council for three consecutive terms and an MP in the Aragonese Corts.

He is known for his fight against corruption and denouncing the misuse of public funds, underlining the need for good governance and higher ethical standards in politics, while being a significant voice against populism.

Sebastian has a master’s degree in European law (LLM) from the College of Europe in Belgium, a diploma of advanced studies in commercial law and started his PhD. He participated in the IESE Business School’s leadership program for public management and he is fluent in Spanish, English, French and Italian.