Paul Infante Moñozca

Paul Infante Moñozca chairs the Moñozca Family Office and the board of trustees of the award winning Moñozca Foundation . He was responsible for developing the Family Office and foundation with its roots in the central Philippines to a leading global philanthropic organisation since 2003 now based in Monaco, France.

He has been credited as the architect of the world’s first cross border fund transfer system using Automated Teller Machines (ATM’s) with various multinational banks. He is the founder of one of the world’s leading philanthropic funds based in Europe which has evolved into a private-sector led Universal Basic Income (UBI) platform, participated in by a consortium of family offices with the advocacy to cushion the advent of “Singularity” to protect Humanity.

Paul Infante Moñozca’s most challenging investment today is a “Continuity of Conscience (COC)” protocol to enable humanity to transfer its thought process to meta-humans and avatars with a multitude of applications including banking, media and especially for the space industry.

His business and philanthropic interests include the Formula Green Corporation (Renewable Energy), Bangko Maharlika Ltd. (Decentralised Banking), Avatar Ark Artificial Intelligence Ltd. (A.I.), Coral World Park Undersea Resorts Ltd. (Hospitality & Family Entertainment), Bargain Bay Membership Shopping UK Ltd., (online outlet mall), Hacienda Pacita Philippines Inc. (Agriculture) and Parmon Group Holdings Inc. (Property).

Paul has been recognised with many international awards related to humanitarian, business and sustainability projects. He is also a leading speaker in international events and conferences. 

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