The News Summary

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BPUR International has made remarkable progress in the last few weeks and we are delighted to be on a solid track to to set a global foundation to disarm extremism and eliminate the abusive mixing of religion and politics.

Morocco has become the first country to support our initiative on the international stage and we are expecting big developments in many other countries.

Large groups of legislators have already appealed to their governments to adopt the initiative in many countries, including Italy, Bangladesh, Austria, Pakistan and San Marino.

We also have different levels of engagements with legislators and officials in more than 50 countries, including Switzerland, South Africa, United Kingdom, Burkina Faso, Sudan, DRC, Nigeria, Egypt, Norway, Germany, Iraq, France, Albania, Mauritania, Bahrain, Canada, Spain, Tunisia, Belgium, South Sudan, Armenia, Ecuador, Latvia, Georgia, Central African Republic, Sierra Leone, North Macedonia, Malta, Niger, Mali, Ivory Coast and many other countries, off the records.

BPUR International has also a rapidly growing support in the European Parliament and international organisations.