The Onyx Link Foundation Joins our supporters

BPUR International is delighted to welcome The Onyx Link Foundation to our institutional supporters and we are looking forward to their leading contributions to promote our initiative and boost our momentum worldwide.

The OLF is a nonprofit organisation, established to promote morality and good conduct between people and to reform the worldviews that deviate from conscience, reason, and social common sense.

It works as a think tank that explores the values shared by people to invest them on initiatives that may improve social cohesion, promote national and global citizenship, encourage environmental sustainability, and challenge barriers to social and environmental harmony.

The main objective of the OLF is to achieve social and environmental harmony through two steps:

  1. Empowering people to be wilfully law-abiding citizens; hence, they will preserve their shared human rights and the balance of nature without exhausting the resources of the legal justice system. In other words, they will attain the threshold of their moral responsibility and restrain themselves from harming one another or harming nature.
  2. Empowering people to uphold their shared moral values to improve their community relations, social wellbeing, sustainability of natural resources, and caring for the environment, hence achieving social and environmental harmony.